What could happen if your organisation developed an environment where people can do their best thinking?

The quality of everything we do depends on the quality of our thinking first.  The quality of our thinking depends on the way we treat each other, while we are thinking and the most valuable thing we can offer each other is the framework in which to think for ourselves.

Time to ThinkTM teaches us how to listen effectively – and how to treat people so that they will think better for themselves with rigour, imagination and grace.  It teaches a dynamic and dependable framework

within which all team members can enhance their relationships with each other through communication of exceptional quality.  The tools offered, have immediate application for team members to use with their clients and within their organisations.

Time To ThinkTM is a practical and experiential workshop that provides the structure and context for the finest independent thinking.

Time To ThinkTM has identified ten behaviours that generate the finest independent thinking. We call them the Ten Components of a Thinking Environment.

Creating a Thinking Environment is the first, fundamental leadership development step in the journey of leadership at all levels (ie. leader of self, of teams and of organisations). By using the Time to ThinkTM components and applications in their meetings and work lives, participants will be able to engage each team member and client fully, generate their freshest and best thinking, encourage respectful, robust discussion leading to decision-making of exceptional quality and feel confident as to how to take learning forward in your organisation.

The Havers’ Masters study found a 95% consistency in the outcomes of meetings held in a Thinking Environment, including that these meetings time and again:

  • Produced a measurable, positive impact on performance indicators of organisations
  • Generated better ideas, solutions and decisions
  • Created an environment in which people felt valued and equal
  • Achieved resolution faster
  • Gave rise to greater participation and involvement from everyone
  • Fostered productive working relationships

All those who want to encourage the best thinking and practice from their teams and get the best resulting actions from that thought process.

This is a world-class program. We are able to incorporate limited customisation and remind you that it is  available as an online, live or blended workshop. ine, live or blended workshop.

For more information, please contact Kym on 082 453 9393 or at kym@symphonia.net

Unathi Boniwe
Team Leader, Investec Private Bank
Great content and learning. Something I will definitely implement at home and work
Amanda de Swardt
Department Manager, The Foschini Group (Pty) Ltd
Time well spent, gave insights into own behaviour, that of team and ways to work differently
Robert Kuster
Assistant Director, Western Cape Government
I appreciated and enjoyed the whole content of the Time To Think workshop and find it relevant in our endeavour to achieve quality results. It will be part of my relationship toolbox as quality relationships ultimately bring about quality results.