Increase your influence through collaborative leadership

Learn how to develop leadership skills, build trust and get your expertise used, by working in partnership with clients, colleagues and stakeholders.
Using the powerful influencing skills learned, you are able to build collaborative relationships, build trust and get your expertise used, by working in partnership with clients, colleagues and stakeholders. In this world-renowned workshop, you will learn that being a trusted partner does not just happen by chance. It is an executive skillset that must be learned. We help you to cultivate the skills through a process of lecture, role-play and reflection.

Facilitator: Louise van Rhyn

Cape Town:
Date TBC
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Date TBC
Venue TBC

Attendees must commit to attend both days.

Time:  08:30 -17:00 (08:00 registrations)

Investment: R9 430

Pre-reading book: R1 610 excl courier

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During your participation in Flawless Consulting1: Contracting (the first workshop in the Flawless Consulting series), you are able to develop an understanding of the essential consulting process that makes projects more successful and enabling you to communicate your ideas confidently, listen well and build strong, trust-based relationships with your clients and stakeholders that provides you with powerful influencing abilities. Whether you need to influence your client, boss, co-worker, customer or an absolute stranger, Flawless Consulting provides you with a proven system to rise above the many obstacles in consulting to accelerate the value of business partnering, building your capacity to connect as a highly-trusted ally and strategic partner.

The objective of the Flawless Consulting1: Contracting workshop is to provide the key building blocks for authentic collaboration, strategic partnerships and powerful influencing.

  • Learn how to have a 50/50, trust-based relationship with your clients;
  • Develop the ability to assertively express your needs for successful partnerships;
  • Acquiring skills to contract for collaboration and build your ability for powerful influencing;
  • Negotiate more effective and enduring agreements across boundaries;
  • Identify various forms of resistance during the contracting phases;
  • Develop techniques for defining roles, responsibilities and expectations;
  • Differentiate between passive, aggressive and collaborative styles;
  • Know how your expertise can be utilised in complex organisational systems;
  • Identify the phases of a consulting process and how to implement them;
  • Gain the abilities to have a strong and positive impact on your client’s business results;
  • You will be able to use your expertise and fully utilise your skills and training;
  • Acquiring powerful leadership skills to work through resistance, create clear communications and to authentically build relationships within which you can influence with authenticity.

Anyone who needs to be able to influence horizontally and vertically within and across organisational boundaries.

This is a world-class program. We are able to incorporate limited customisation and remind you that it is  available as an online, live or blended workshop. ine, live or blended workshop.

For more information, please contact Kym on 082 453 9393 or at

Eleanor Stemmers
Area Client Manager Retail Relationship Banking, Nedbank
Excellent workshop, content aligned with purpose in mind. Provided structure and platform for the partnership.
Antoinette Nel
Director, Liquor Family
Flawless Consulting was real revelation for me on how to really contract as a consult. By using the consulting phases correctly and listening to the client with compassion and your wants and offers will be respected.
Patricia Manshon
Founder and Head Coach, Academy of Life Coaching
I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the workshop, I particularly liked the phrases: “what is my contribution to the issue” and “I want” to be specific for what it is that you want. I have used these methods since the workshop and found them to be very effective.