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Women in Leadership

Join us for a morning of inspiration and motivation.

“Leaders of the future will have to be visionary and be able to bring people in – real communicators. These are things that women bring to leadership and executive positions, and it’s going to be incredibly valuable and incredibly in demand.”
- Anita Borg

“More than ever, leadership is about emotions; the capacity to sense, to feel, to love and to empathise in the process of leading”
- Prof. Jonathan Jansen

Research finds that 41% of female managers are engaged at work, compared with 35% of male managers. This affirms that women leaders are key strategic drivers in business innovation, productivity and bottom-line performance - Gallup
We aim to inspire, equip and support all leadership development.  Women, generously sharing their accrued wisdom and knowledge, is highly motivating and inspirational  and they become the much-needed role-models for other women. We are creating these special places where woman can connect and engage with one another, to build relationships and networks, to create a community where we can uplift, empower and support women.
We believe that:
  • the story of one woman can be an inspiration to another;
  • women supporting and uplifting one another, makes us all more powerful and influential;
  • it is important to create new opportunities by sharing ideas and conversations with one another; 
  • there is nothing more powerful than women who stand together with passion, focus and determination.

These events aim to:

  • celebrate all women in leadership;
  • put into focus the magical female ability to be leaders of self, teams, families, communities and others.
What others have said...
“Wow, wow, wow cannot say anything more! So excellent.”
- Hannelie Swanepoel, Information Architecture, First National Bank
“How inspiring! We really do forget about ourselves as women and need reminders of this kind to ground ourselves again. Thanks for the opportunity to learn! I Loved the energy. Loved the speakers who brought themselves to the discussion.”
- Mishka Daries, Voice of the Cape 91.3fm
“Wonderful powerful and networking event. Thank you for always bringing fantastic women to share with us. Motivational, impactful and inspiring. Thank you for a wonderful breakfast.”
- Natalie Mouers, IT Project Manager, Old Mutual

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Great prizes to be won! Including a Spa, Sorbet voucher and a book by Brené Brown

Virtual Session

Your Host for August 2021:
Fortune Gamanya

Deloitte Consulting


Fortune is the associate director at Deloitte's Human Capital Division and an organisational development strategist with extensive experience in strategy formulation, design and delivery of organisation wide leadership development initiatives, strategic cascading of organisational objectives, diversity, inclusion and lean/Agile management transformation. She is the Western Cape Regional Leader for Human Capital and is passionate about creating organisations that are fit for human beings.

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