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Virtual Leadership

This workshop can be customised and adapted to meet your specific outcome requirements, either virtually or face-to-face.

Working in virtual teams has instantly become one of our new realities. The virtual environment (and all the technologies that support it) has created a new condition and perspective for leadership and for teamwork. Leadership is now more than ever, a social influencing process, supported by technology, to produce changes in attitudes, thinking, behaviour, feelings and performance of individuals and teams.

Future Fit leaders not only need to embrace technology, they need to focus on communication, emotional intelligence, and coaching. These are the essential skills that are needed in these uncertain times.

Like traditional leadership roles, virtual leaders focus on inspiring workers and helping teams accomplish their goals.  A virtual leader needs to be able to share their vision and motivate the team through “screen” communication.

Managing a team/s that work from home or in a hybrid environment requires improved communication and a sense of collaboration, resulting in accountability and engagement.  In other words, a leadership style suited to this way of working. Virtual teams are focussed on outcomes-based objectives, result-orientated, and accountability is needed from everyone. How does a virtual leader create an “extreme ownership” culture in their team?

What are key competencies for a Virtual Leader? 
In order to lead effectively in a virtual environment, the leaders of virtual teams need relationship building, technical, and leadership skills, as well as the ability to defuse the frustrations of virtual team members. Relationship-building skills include the ability to establish trust, embrace diversity, skill in fostering a team spirit, and motivating team members. Virtual leaders need to choose the right communication channel for the right message.

Key competencies for a virtual leader include:

  • Being a Leader: Someone who can motivate across time, space and culture distance;
  • Walk the talk: Lead by example including work/life balance;
  • Coach: Create long term accountability and unlock potential;
  • Results catalyst: Focus on outcomes and not micro-manage;
  • Facilitator: Creating a synergy to bring together tools, information and resources to get the job done;
  • Business analyser: Sharing the big picture;
  • Barrier buster: Creating a “Trust Tribe”;
  • Knowing the 5 Intelligences of leadership.

Research notes that virtual team members expect the following from their leaders:

  • Commitment, not control;
  • Mental toughness and resilience;
  • Vulnerability;
  • Flexibility and work/life balance;
  • Outcomes focus;
  • Moving from policies to principles;
  • Accessibility and human connection;
  • Great communications and proactivity;
  • Respect and honesty.

Who should attend this workshop?  Anyone who leads people in remote and/orhybrid teams and who wants to grow and transform their understanding of leadership styles that are most effective in a virtual world.


  • The difference in leadership style in the virtual world
  • Best practice for leading virtual teams
  • Communication skills for the 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Outcome based delivery vs time-based delivery (changing expectations)
  • Why micro-managing doesn't work in virtual teams
  • Walking the talk - managing through action not instructions
  • Tools and tricks to keep the brand consistent

More about our facilitator, Hanrie Fridjhon
Hanrie started Pro-Active Communications 24 years ago. She has an M.Phil in management coaching, is registered with COMENSA and is an accredited Enneagram coach. Hanrie has lectured on Virtual Teams at the University of Stellenbosch Business School from 2017 to 2019. She is also a virtual faculty member at USB on Technology Enhanced Learning.  She has been working with SGI and Learnbox since 2018 on eLearning.
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In-house Workshops

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