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Time To Think™

Available as an in-house workshop: Either as an virtual 4 x 3-hour modular workshop or as a live, face-to-face 2-day workshop.

What could happen if your organisation developed an environment where people can do their best thinking?
Time to ThinkTM teaches us how to listen effectively - and how to treat people so that they will think better for themselves with rigour, imagination and grace.  It teaches a dynamic and dependable framework within which all team members can enhance their relationships with each other through communication of exceptional quality.  The tools offered, have immediate application for team members to use with their clients and within their organisations.

Creating a Thinking EnvironmentTM is the first, fundamental leadership development step in the journey of leadership at all levels (ie. leader of self, of teams and of organisations). By using the Time to ThinkTM components and applications in their meetings and work lives, participants will be able to engage each team member and client fully, generate their freshest and best thinking, encourage respectful, robust discussion leading to decision-making of exceptional quality and feel confident as to how to take learning forward in your organisation.  
Do not be fooled by the simplicity of the Time To Think™ workshop.
It can unleash the power of your whole organisation.

This workshop has a strong focus on the essential human skills (previously called soft skills) to help everyone adapt to challenges, to effectively work in teams and workgroups and to run efficient meetings.  Modules one and two are foundational and it is a prerequisite to participate in both of them.  You may choose to do all four or just 1, 2 and either 3 or 4.
All practice done during the workshop will focus on genuine real-time issues and challenges chosen by the team members themselves.
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What others have said...
"Great for teams that need to be creative or solution driven."
- Sonja Marais, Old Mutual
“Some of the best training I’ve had at PWC. Practical tools to implement in both my personal and professional life."
- Beth Kleu, PWC
“Time To Think is as much a personal development journey for leaders as it is a practical tool-based workshop for improving meetings and team dynamics. Thoroughly enjoyed it."
- Samantha Allan, Barlowworld Equpmnet
“I was sceptical coming into this, but I’m blown away by how much we learnt and how valuable it has been.”
- Karina Taylor, Joint Prosperity

In-house Workshops

This is a world-class program. We are able to incorporate limited customisation and remind you that it is  available as an online, live or blended workshop.

For more information, please contact Kym on 082 453 9393 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.