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Neuroscience of Behavioural Change

This workshop can be customised and adapted to meet your specific outcome requirements, either virtually or face-to-face

Working with you brain to make changes "stick". 

Change is a constant and all-encompassing.  Most of the changes required are critical for business growth, progress and development. Why not invest in making those changes last?

Empowering people with a deeper awareness of instinctive, automatic responses, an understanding of how the brain works as well as the tools and strategies to practically apply these in their unique contexts is what you will learn in this workshop. The Neuroscience of Behavioural Change helps leaders step back and facilitate change, rather than ‘apply’ it.

“Leaders don’t change their people - leaders support their people, while they change themselves.”

People will not adapt to change because they need to or have to, as a restructure takes place or during transition from one way of doing things to another. The same applies to us when we wish to change our own personal habits or behaviours which requires as much unlearning as learning.

Research shows that when change comes knocking, it generates a threat response in the brain and an unconscious defence mechanism steps in; the fight or flight response; often resulting in a resistance to the change or to the “new way of doing things”.  The use of sheer will-power to move into change is often insufficient to sustain the change and is just exhausting. There is unlearning and learning taking place simultaneously and there is a better way to achieve your goals.

What teams, (who are serious about continuous improvement), require are clear, objective-based rituals and an environment that favours and supports these. Understanding the neuroscience behind behavioural change makes it so much easier to do and lowers stress levels too.

What others have said...

"The workshop was excellent and so relatable and definitely able to apply immediately the learnings. Our team already started identifying what can be implemented immediately to make us a more connected team."

"The Habit Loop gave me perspective to some of the bad habits I have been trying to break. I have a better perspective on how I will break the habit."

"Really enjoyed how interactive this session was."


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In-house Workshops

Our workshops are customisable and we would love to work with you to design this workshop to meet your outcome requirements.

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