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Creative Conflict

This workshop can be customised and adapted to meet your outcome requirements and faciltated either virtually or face-to-face.

What if we CAN change the way we view and experience conflict?
When we avoid difficult conversations we trade short term discomfort for long term dysfunction.

Conflict is an inevitable part of the workplace. Dealing with conflict is a task many managers struggle with or even avoid. But it is possible to transform disagreement and discord into positive outcomes. Albert Einstein said that in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity. Conflict may be avoidable and preventable but it may also be necessary.
Conflicts never end. They keep recurring and are intermittent in any setting; be it in the organisational or in the family or with friends, neighbours and other associates. However perpetual the conflicts are, they do require resolutions. Conflict handling is not less than an art. It requires a good skill and understanding. Conflict is a normal, healthy part of every relationship.  If there were no conflict, it would mean that there were  no differences of opinion;  no independent thinking. 

Creative Conflict is about  being able to identify the opportunities that conflict can provide and how the outcome may be turned into opportunities for a stronger relationship going forward.

Creative Conflict will:

  • Challenge you to think out of the box.
  • Help you build trust, improve your communication skills and create the right environment for healthy conflict.
  • All of which leads to constructive styles of collaboration and fully engaged employees.

Outcomes of this one day workshop:

  • Understanding how communication can turn into conflict.
  • Why do certain people “push your buttons”.
  • How to prepare for conversations.
  • Tools to handle conflict and build tolerance.

What others have said...

“It was engaging and interactive, enjoyed the practical applications and tips for dealing with conflict.”
“I learned a lot and will use it positively.”
“Very useful and practical course, can apply what I have learned here in my everyday life and work.”

More about our facilitator, Hanrie Fridjhon

Hanrie started Pro-Active Communications 24 years ago. She facilitates, designs material and coaches anyone who wishes to get “unstuck”.  She has an M-Phil in Management Coaching, a B-Prim (Art) and is an accredited Enneagram Coach. 

Hanrie is passionate about communication. She brands herself a “compulsive reader” with a “curious disposition”. She strongly believes that conflict can be turned into creative conversations.

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In-house Workshops

Our workshops are customisable and we would love to work with you to design this workshop to meet your outcome requirements.

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