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Choosing a Culture of Citizenship and Collaboration

This workshop can be customised and adapted to meet your outcome requirements and faciltated either virtually or face-to-face.

Increase the value contribution of employees in your business.

The Choosing a Culture of Citizenship and Collaboration workshop has been designed to support culture change processes in organisations, enabling organisations to tap into the collective wisdom of their employees to maximise potential. This workshop has been designed for a significant and insightful investigation into the value of creating a culture of innovation.

Ongoing low staff engagement and resultant negative outcomes of lower productivity and profits, highlight the increasing need for HR managers to view engagement as a strategic issue and to effectively plan and implement engagement initiatives.  HR plays a crucial role in ensuring that appropriate HRM strategies are in place and must be at the forefront in equipping and supporting the leaders and staff of all organisations to drive and promote engagement.

Creating a Culture of Citizenship and Collaboration can have a lasting positive impact on the performance, effectiveness and productivity of the employees of the organisation. This workshop focuses on understanding the role of organisational culture in employee engagement.

In this one day workshop you will...
  • Gain a better understanding of organisational culture and how it manifests as a way of being
  • Develop insight into the role of leadership in perpetuating the current culture
  • Explore the shift away from leadership as an organisational role towards citizenship as an organisational enabler
  • Identify the behaviours required to entrench a constructive culture
  • Understand the role of organisational culture in employee engagement
  • Work on the crafting of your new organisational story
  • Understand the difference between passive, aggressive and collaborative cultures
  • Understand the choices an individual can make to move to a collaborative culture
What others have said...

“This seminar broadened my perspectives around collaboration in creating even greater meaning in our endeavours within the context of work"
- Roshan Isaacs, Occupational Therapist
“I would definitely recommend this session to others because I felt that I came away more sensitised to how I engage with others, and have practical tools which I can use at work.
- Susan Schnetler, Rustenburg High School for Girls
“Time well spent on sharpening the saw! I found the session on the Human Synergistic model most interesting. Such a relevant and simple concept – it inspired loads of thinking on how to address Blue/Green/Red practically in the corporate world. Am keen for more…”
- Kathy Branquinho, Smartsource Change Solutions

More about our facilitator, Alison du Toit
Alison is an organisational development consultant and organisational psychologist. She has worked for the past 20+ years with various organisations in the areas of leadership development, change enablement and employee engagement. She is a skilled facilitator who offers a systemic approach to unique and complex challenges for individuals and teams.

Alison believes implicitly in the use of engagement and dialogue as leverages to ensure all perspectives, even the controversial ones, are considered. Her passion for connecting with the hearts and minds of people truly enables her to integrate the business with the growth of the individuals concerned.
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In-house Workshops

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