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Flawless Consulting 1: Contracting

“Flawless Consulting 1: Contracting just puts the whole notion of “consulting” in the correct perspective. Too often consulting gets a bad name because of people who do not know about, or respect the responsibility that consulting requires.  Flawless Consulting creates an easily understandable construct, the power of the workshop lies for me in the focus on creating and maintaining the relationship with your client by being authentic and compassionate.”

Willem van der Merwe, Director, Future Partners

“The Flawless Consulting 1: Contracting workshop proved to be a revelation in the sense that it provided such a clear, logical and structured process of engagement leading up to closing a deal. Being able to actively “work” these processes by way of personal experiences during the workshop made it all the more meaningful. Without doubt one of the more valuable and practical workshops I have ever attended. I went away with a sense of having achieved genuine personal learning. I am looking forward to the next one."

Tim Elliot, Argil

“What struck me was the simplicity, sincerity and authenticity of the content, and also the way that the training was facilitated. After attending Flawless Consulting 1: Contracting, I was able to immediately and effectively apply the thinking and skills. As a consultant I am always concerned about the value I bring to my client and whether the client would want what I offer… Flawless Consulting helps to build agreement on that.  Thanks for a great experience!”

Francois Venter, Senior Consultant, Mandevco Consulting

“I recommend Flawless Consulting 1: Contracting to external and internal consultant at all levels. The insights and tools equip consultants with the courage and confidence to conduct authentically and effectively with clients, in a way that builds a trusting and productive contracting relationship, right from the start.”

Cally Mundy, Independent Consultant

“The two day Flawless Consulting 1: Contracting workshop is a great programme to remind you, step by step, of the importance of getting the contracting process done correctly. It’s facilitated in a relaxed, professional manner, and draws on the experiences of the group so effectively. I highly recommend this programme to both internal and external consultants if you want to be consultants with real impact.”

Derek Eaton, Managing Partner, First Facilitation

“Attending Flawless Consulting 1: Contracting was like a complete metamorphosis – being transformed from unconscious incompetence to conscious incompetence and purposely through to conscious competence. This workshop empowered me to consciously delve into and to ignite the untapped potential to turn every consulting opportunity into a well-structured flawless consulting experience. All consultants and business partners should attend the Flawless Consulting workshop – it is an imperative business tool.”

Vusi Zuke, HR Manager, Apollo Tyres

“This has been one of the best courses I have attended.”

Ashley Thaver, Change Consultant, JD Group

“I believe anyone in a leadership or support function would benefit greatly from this!”

Henrietta Mojapelo, Supply Chain Management, SAB

"This is the one of the best gifts you can ever give yourself and the world... can fundamentally change your way of being for the better.”

Alice Bhebhe, Executive Director: Human Resources, Pearson

“The workshop was not just about mental accent or ticking boxes but it pushed me to want to grow and become better at relating in order to consult better with my internal clients. It has impacted the way I prepare for and have conversations with my wife, children, friends and clients.  I am so empowered!!! I feel that a person who has not done this workshop or does not know how to consult in this systematic way is really at a disadvantage.”

Xolisa Tutu, Practitioner: Facilitator, Learning & Development Eastern Cape and Free State, Nedbank Limited

“This ended up as life learning for me. In essence, it can be termed the Art of Engagement that reinforces the importance of acknowledging the people we contract with true listening and establishing win-win outcomes as a result of this.  Highly recommended! Excellent facilitation!”

Gadija Salie, Metropolitan Health

“The Flawless Consulting workshop was one of the best focused skills development experiences I have enjoyed in over 30 years.  The regular focus, during the practical exercises, on real-life experiences and people made a very positive difference to the learning and development outcomes.  I would highly recommend this workshop to anybody wishing to enhance and develop their inter-personal skills, regardless of the context.”

Gordon McMillian, Head of Market Development, Inmarsat Solutions SA

“I thought I was only going to learn about the structured consulting process, and how to be a better internal consultant. I learned so much more; how to treat my manager as a client, how to be taken seriously as a technical expert, how ask for what I want both in terms of the work and how I am treated in the workplace, and how to establish the roles and responsibilities before any project/work begins. I learned how to identify when an underlying issue is not actually the issue that plays out in a meeting.”

Hayley Hugo, Brands Specialist, Engen Petroleum Limited

“I’ve personally attended a few workshops and seminars during the year, and I can honestly say that this one added the most value to me personally.  None of the concepts were very foreign or new, but there were a few skills and ‘gems’ that I picked up for myself along the way.”

Miranda Cloete, Organisational Development Manager, Pepkor Retail Limited

“I found great value in this workshop which provided me with additional tools and resources to draw from when working with my clients. Combined with the self-awareness is a definite recipe for success.”

Mary-Ann Waspe, HR Business Partner, JSE Limited

“The workshop has the ability if you allow it, to unlock true consulting and relationship building capability which isn’t just beneficial for your professional life but as a whole human being.”

Tanya Anderson, Snr HRBP, ABSA

“The workshop added a dimension of expertise and finesse around consulting. One can never stop learning on how to do things better no matter how long you have been doing it.”

Rowena Naidoo, Human Resource Business Analyst, Sapref

“The role plays were particularly enjoyable as I was able to immediately put into practice what I had learnt. My line of work entails inherently makes my clients uncomfortable and so the session on resistance was very helpful.”

Bertha Chisola, Bertha Chisola, Bank of Zambia

“The course was amazing, I enjoyed each and every part of it. It changed my perspective of how I view my clients, the way I engage with them and listening with compassion. Most of the stuff I learnt go beyond my work life and are applicable to my daily life and my approach to different situations in my life. I would definitely recommend more people to attend this course.”

Sphamandla Nzama, Skills Development Facilitator, Illovo Sugar South Africa

“I think this is such an important workshop for anyone with a soul.  It’s not a workshop where you just receive information.  In this workshop you get to see how your actions can directly affect another person. In this workshop you can see who you are through the eyes and mind of other people.  Here you begin to appreciate others and more importantly yourself for who you really are, and learn that sometimes your flaws are actually significant strengths.”

Clive Naicker, Head of Data Strategy, FirstRand Bank

Flawless Consulting 2: Discovery & Feedback

“A fantastic practical way to learn the very difficult skill of being a great consultant!”

Daniel Burger, Snr HRBP, ABSA

“Understanding what resistance is was illuminating. The awareness of how one can take a position in the discovery interview unknowingly was a rude awakening. This in turn entrenched the need for objectivity, distance and curiosity whilst holding the contract in mind. The practice of two good faith responses followed by naming the resistance was powerful. I am empowered by the built in training muscle development to be courageous and to dance with awkwardness and fear.”

Nadia Mason, Learning Process Facilitator, Symphonia for South Africa

“Role play has been practical, difficult but informative and an eye-opener on how little I know. At the same time I felt that I am learning while I was enjoying every moment. It is a complex subject for me and still I know what skills I have gained and how to use it. The facilitator has been outstanding; she held the group beautifully, was interesting, down-to-earth and I felt encouraged to take part, whilst knowing how little I actually know about consulting. It was also a privilege to take part with very experienced consultants/coaches in the room.  I absolutely would recommend this workshop. As always, it is one of the courses that stands out for me. What a beautiful experience!”

Jansie Rautenbach, Chief Operating Officer, Symphonia for South Africa

“This is a very useful and valuable course.”

Noah Tembo, Procurement and Maintenance Services, Bank of Zambia

“The Flawless Consulting 2: Discovery and Feedback program went very well last week and the program met our expectations. On the same note, please also receive my appreciation for a job well done by the facilitator. I must say, we started with very low energy from the team but the vibe created a few minutes later by the facilitator sustained for the two days was surely great."

Ommary Ally, Talent Development Manager, JTI Leaf Malawi

Time To Think

“Thanks for the opportunity to be part of such a special conversation. It has certainly made me think about how I have conversations, help me understand others better, see the assumptions that others are making and unravel any potential conflict or misunderstanding that could arise. I am actively using it in my meetings. I am suggesting that more people go on the course so that this kind of interaction spreads in our society.”

Shamala Moodley, Human Resources, FNB Commercial Banking

“I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I found the content very useful and the practical work on the day meaningful. It gave us the opportunity to use the theory on the day. I was fortunate to have attended the day with one of my team members which meant we could come back to the office and share our excitement, new knowledge and enthusiasm with the rest of our management team. We have already incorporated some of the techniques into our everyday business lives. I can highly recommend this workshop to anyone that is committed to personal and organisational growth and development.”

Dylan Evans, Managing Director, ConVista Consulting 

“These are simple but very effective techniques that have been immediately applicable in my business. Thanks again for a very worthwhile day.”

Tim Holmes, Managing Director, FinSwitch

"This workshop is very practical, insightful and empowering.”

Somaya De Sani, Learning Leader, Old Mutual

“The workshop was engaging and thoroughly enjoyable from a world class facilitator. The level of expertise and experience was a highlight and I never felt bored or out of touch.”

Shelley Marsh, Director, Mentoring 4 Success

“Fantastic workshop, filled with useful tools that can be applied in a personal/professional context.”

Hafsa Limalia, BCM Manager, Metropolitan Health

“Great for teams that need to be creative or solution driven, It is brilliant and loads of fun!”

Sonja Marais, Senior MIS Specialist, Old Mutual

“Very well organised and introduced really practical tools. Enjoyed the experiential nature of the conversations and each of the structures. Very good navigation of the conversation. I also enjoyed the personal stones that were shared in order to create a deeper level of understanding of the concept.”

Lerato Shai, Consultant, PDG

“Some of the best training I’ve had at PWC. Practical tools to implement in both my personal and professional life. The facilitator had great energy and captivated the room for the entire duration of course.”

Beth Kleu, Manager, PWC

“This was the best soft-skill course I have ever attended. I have learned practical skills which I can start implementing.”

Jolandi Griessel, Vat & Tax Manager, Santam Financial Services

“Excellent workshop that should be offered as a compulsory tool to ALL organisations!”

Zethu Bosiame, Coronation Fund Managers, Coronation Fund Managers

“Time To Think is as much a personal development journey for leaders as it is a practical tool-based workshop for improving meetings and team dynamics. Thoroughly enjoyed it!”

Samantha Allen, Capacity & Capability Manager, Barloworld Equipment

“Thought provoking and inspiring.”

Greta Jansen, Assistant Director, Western Cape Government

“I was sceptical coming into this, but I’m blown away by how much we learnt and how valuable it has been.”

Karina Taylor, Consultant, Joint Prosperity

Women in Leadership Breakfast

“Each individual speaker added value to my life and lots of food for thought for reflection and growth, Thank you!”

Cicelia Levine, Marketing Manager, Meda Pharma

“There was a lesson to learn from each of them. Their thoughts, ideas, experiences and strategies they shared could be used in my personal life, my career/workplace, my home and my family! Super Empowering!!”

Michelle Liedemann, Deputy Chief Education Specialist, WCED

“How inspiring! We really do forget about ourselves as women and need reminders of this kind to ground ourselves again. Thanks for the opportunity to learn! I loved the energy. Loved the speakers who brought themselves to the discussion.”

Mishka Daries, Program Manager, Voice of the Cape 91.3 fm

“Excellent speakers – real stories, real people, real experiences.”

Zamo Shongwe, Director Business Development, Buhle Farmers Academy

“Loved the humanness of everything, I learnt, I laughed, I connected, Thank you!”

Molly Kain, Certified Intergril Coach, Regenerate Coaching

“Engaging, Energetic and Authentic.”

Delia Gross, Executive, Innovation Group

“I loved the diversity of the speakers (its age/culture/experiences etc). Their personal journeys resonated well with the audience and it is much more powerful than speaking theories or book knowledge.”

Natalie Ross, Partner for Possibility, Symphonia for South Africa

“Absolutely amazing, I feel so inspired and thankful that I was able to experience this breakfast. I took so much of what they said to heart.”

Paula Fredericks, Consultant, Empower Self Defence

“Well organised, good food and excellent company. All three speakers had very powerful messages with affirmations that were very necessary. Definitely worth the time spent.”

Judith O'Conner, Manager Implementation, Absa Bank

“It was amazing, empowering, uplifting. I’m lost for words!! Exceptional and inspiring, love how the speakers spoke about their personal journeys.”

Natalie Mouers, Project Administrator, Old Mutual

“As always this event was well organised and I thoroughly enjoyed it. After a long week at work, I feel refreshed, energised and ready to take on the challenges of the next week. Very engaging & the level of motivation were inspiring!”

Melissa van Niekerk, Project Manager, Old Mutual- Personal Finance IT

“Well suited, diverse and very inspiring.”

Lynette Geere, Head of Banccassurance, MFC

“The energy; what a wonderful climate you have created of support and women celebrating their ability to thrive. I loved that there was an emphasis on family balance and not just competing or fitting into a man’s world. That there should be change. The take home message is definitely on being inspired. Thank you.”

Stacey Engelbrecht, Business Support Specialists, Old Mutual

“It was phenomenal!”

Phindile Pat Dlamini, Divisional Director, Liberty Group

“The event was refreshing and empowering. I enjoyed the speakers and their different ways of presenting was captivating.”

Kholofelo Tsoloane, Biokineticist

“Encouraging, uplifting and educational.”

Sandra Ingham, Capespan South Africa

“Thank you for creating the space for redefining “woman”, “leadership”, “workspace/environment”, “support” and  “relationship dynamics.”

Vera Kyzer, Accountant, National Oilwell Varco

“As always I love your events and thank you for blessing us with these great opportunities. Love the passion of the speakers. The balance of different types of content was brilliant. I learnt so much about gender stats. Loved it.”

Shabnem Parker, Senior IT Manager, Old Mutual

Amazing presentations done this morning. The event really re-awoke a part of our womanly strength and influence we thought we forgot. Excellent speakers, insightful and interesting.”

Emmarencia November, Consol Glass

“Awesome!! Great event empowering and inspiring women. Amazing, inspiring and speaking to our truths. Love their energy.

Michelle Trueman, Management Accountant, Capespan South Africa

“Very inspiring session, beautiful tribute to us women. My motto from now on will be..We are not going anywhere!”

Mariam Noordien, Programme Coordinator, Capespan South Africa

Creative Conflict

“Very well facilitated and presented. Enjoyed the energy and engagement with the material.”

Nazeema Ahmed, Clinical Psychologist/Integral Coach, University of Cape Town

“Awesome workshop, great learning and tools to use at work and personal life.”

Russell Grebe, Head of Executors, Nedgroup Trust

“Well done to make a complicated topic simple and easy to understand.”

Jodene de Klerk, Human Resources Manager, 10X Investments

“Extremely enlightening and uplifting, lots of food for thought.”

Michelle Williams,Tax Officer, Nedgroup Trust

“Good practical examples that can be used in the work place.”

Bianca Streicher, Sans Souci Girls’ High School

“Very informative.
Excellent speaker.
Excellent communicator.
Kept us interested in her topic.
Kept us involved with exercises.”

Fabiola Marques, Estates Officer,  Nedgroup Trust

“Good practical examples that can be used in the work place.”

Bianca Streicher, Sans Souci Girls’ High School

“Very relevant.”

Karen Coetser, Infrastructure Service Delivery Manager, The Foschini Group

“Dynamic, engaging and outstanding.”

Sukendrie Naidu, Estates Officer,  Nedbgroup Trust

“I loved this workshop; I felt everyone was engaged and interactive.”

Nadia Mesias, Admin Specialist, Old Mutual

Strategic Planning Made Simple

“The workshop exceeded my expectations. Clive is a very efficient communicator, easy to relate to, very engaging. He has very good experience to share and provided practical examples.”

Jeanie Knowlden, Financial Manager, ITL

"Awesome tools provided and techniques taught. I found it very valuable!”

Adrian Marnewick, Co-founder and Managing Director, Learning Lab Apps

“I thought it was a fantastic workshop, it kept me engaged and was practical. Clive was fantastic!!! He kept it simple.”

Andrea Fouché, National Learning and Development Manager, Mazars

“I found this workshop practical and structured and found the facilitator knowledgeable and entertaining at the same time. I felt equipped to go out and facilitate a strategy session and have a model and tools to guide me.”

Merridy Edgson, Learning Process Facilitator, ME Mentoring and Coaching

“Very Informative and empowering.”

Bronwyn Moses, Marketer/Exec Board Member, Stellenbosch WorkCentre for the disabled

“Great executable information, loads of interaction! Clive was humorous and full of interesting feedback and examples.”

Debbie Jackson, Life & Entrepreneurial Coaching, About your Life Style 

“It was an extremely informative workshop; I have gained so many new ideas and tools. I admire Clive’s ability to understand each participant’s content and have empathy. I appreciate his generous sharing of tools and templates. Thank you!”

Leana Olivier, Chief Executive Office, FARR

“The material was user friendly and simplified to understand.”

Malungisa Mlotywa, Mfuleni High School

“Wonderfully informative, helpful and relevant. I’ve learnt so many skills necessary to take my school to the next level of growth and development. It was invaluable training for me!”

Denay Willie, Chief Executive Officer, Rainbow Academy

“Great workshop. Very engaging and informative.”

Simone Berry, Human Resources Manager, Global Load Control