Our Story

Symphonia Leadership Development is an organisational change practice that works with leaders to engage their stakeholders so that talent, human energy and creativity is maximised.

The name Symphonia, was inspired by a story from the book "The Art of Possibility"  written by Benjamin and Rosamund Zander. ‘Symphonia' means the sounding together of voices and this is the ethos of our work and our vision. Engaging people in their work and enabling people to live remarkable lives starts by creating opportunities for all the voices to be heard.

Symphonia Leadership Development is committed to developing the leadership capacity and knowledge within organisations. We believe it is the responsibility of organisational leaders to engage and harness the collective intelligence of all the people around them and to engage their workforce with a sense of enthusiasm and possibility.  

Louise van Rhyn is the CEO and Founder of Symphonia Leadership Development. In 2008, she founded Symphonia – a group of organisations committed to sustainable transformation in organisations, communities and schools throughout the world.