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Resilient Leadership

Resilient Leadership – implementing unwelcome change
Todays work environment is all about implementing large-scale change. Multiple change initiatives following each other in quick succession. Leaders are required to roll out new strategy and at the same time also maintain “business as usual”, even when unwelcome change impacts on them too. 
Team members are powerfully influenced by the subtle and often unconscious messages leaders give about organisational change. Their leader’s positive or negative feelings, and even their optimism or pessimism, are "caught" like a flu virus and spread to team members and eventually influence the entire organisation. 
Resilient Leadership training equips leaders who implement strategy and change to be effective change managers – to be personally resilient, display this resilience in their leadership, address team members’ uncertainty and resistance and become strategy-fit.
Resilient Leadership runs over two days.

Day 1  covers the tools leaders need to be personally resilient in the face of challenges at work and home.
Day 2 begins with an assessment of the team's Strategy-fitness (a function of their resilience and engagement), to
  implement strategy and large-scale change. Resilience coaching templates are covered in detail which enables leaders to coach for high performance when resilience wanes.

Outcomes include:
  • Tools to personally cope with stress caused by difficulties at work and home
  • A personal plan to enhance your ability to bounce back from stress and adversity
  • Assess your team’s strategy-fitness (function of resilience and engagement) via a questionnaire
  • A four step process to change negative thinking in your team
  • A four step coaching process to deal with loudly negative people
  • Action plans to keep your team energised and engaged
  • A back-to-work strategy to enhance your team’s strategy-fitness 

The benefit of Resilient Leadership to the organisation is better change management - improved strategy take-up assurance, less resistance and quicker benefit realisation. The benefit to the leaders is a life-skill that enables them to cope better at work and at home.  

More about our facilitator, Rod Warner

Rod is based in Cape Town and heads up Building Resilience. He has wide consulting experience and in-depth experience in learning, design facilitation and skills development. He has researched, developed interventions, presented and published in the field of mental strength, building resilience, change management and organisational performance.
His book “The Building Resilience Handbook” is in its second print.

What others have said...

"Lots of practical tips and methods managers can use in times of change and difficulty."
"This was one of the most informative and practical courses I have done in a long time."
"Very helpful in understanding and how to deal with negative emotions and build trust in one's team."

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In-house Workshops

Our recommendation is that this intervention should be run as part of your in-house management development curriculum at a venue and on a date that is convenient for you!

For more information about this cost-effective option, please contact Kym on 082 453 9393 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.