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Maximising Performance and Wellbeing

The biggest asset an organisation has is its people; and the biggest asset they have is their energy.  Would you like to learn how to flourish, raise personal energy levels to maximise performance and wellbeing?

For countless individuals and teams, demand has begun to exceed capacity, hence people are facing an energy crisis. It makes good business sense to harness that energy. A key paradigm shift is necessary, switching from “Managing Time” to “Managing Energy”, as energy is the key tool for enhancing business productivity.

Skilfully managing energy, allows one to re-fuel, repace and evolve into well-rounded, grounded and successful CEO's - (Chief Energy Officers).

Employees with increased wellbeing show greater health and energy, and deliver higher individual and team performance. Wellbeing plays a central role in creating flourishing societies. Focusing on wellbeing at work, presents a valuable opportunity to benefit societies, by helping working individuals to feel happy, competent, and satisfied in their roles. Research shows that people who achieve good standards of wellbeing at work are likely to be more creative, more loyal, more productive, and provide better customer satisfaction than individuals with poor standards of wellbeing at work.

Many factors influence performance and wellbeing at work, including: professional and personal goals, job design and flexibility, skills and competencies, and perceptions of the fairness and trust across key relationships. For many organisations and teams, the simultaneous pursuit of performance and wellbeing can feel like chasing conflicting goals. There is a strong case for focusing on employee wellbeing as a means of fostering superior team performance. Research by both Deloitte and Gallup support this conclusion, showing that greater well-being affects individual and team performance through employee attitudes, motivation, and behavior. The challenge and opportunity for organisational and team leaders is knowing how to maximide both wellbeing and performance.


  • Identify if you are heading for burnout
  • Help to optimise your energy (a model)
  • Recognise and block “energy robbers”
  • Utilise the “8 plus 1” Dimensions of Wellbeing
  • Unlock natural resources to enable optimal self-care
  • Work towards fulfilling work/life wellbeing

Who should attend this workshop?


  • working under pressure, experiencing high levels of stress and the threat of burnout;
  • who would like to raise their personal energy levels to maximise both performance and wellbeing;
  • who leads people and is motivated to create environments that are healthy where people can flourish.

More about our facilitator, Aviva Baran-Rothchild
Aviva is the founder of Field of Change and has been working in the field of people development for 31 years. She designs and facilitates leadership development workshops and coaches individuals and groups; focusing on personal leadership, emotional intelligence, resilience and energy optimisation. Aviva has been involved in many aspects of community development and volunteer work in South Africa, UK, India and Israel; doing transformation work, conservation, therapy and teaching. More recently, she completed her masters in coaching and behavioural change, researching what working mothers need to do, for a more effective work-life balance.
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Public Workshops

Cape Town  
9 July 2020  
Everstdal Guest House,  

9am - 5pm (8:30am registration)

R3 3000  excl. VAT  :  Corporates
R2 300  excl. VAT    :  NPOs

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In-house Workshops

Our recommendation is that this intervention should be run as part of your in-house management development curriculum at a venue and on a date that is convenient for you!

For more information about this cost-effective option, please contact Kym on 082 453 9393 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.