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Developing EQ Competencies

The most important project you will ever work on is YOU. We know that High EQ is a key core-competency within our complex business environments today and that it is essential as we gear up for 4IR.

Are your team thriving or surviving?

Emotional Intelligence holds the key to this question. If you are unable to handle life challenges in a mature way you are probably surviving more than thriving. Drama, lack of communication, lack of trust. stress, anxiety and depression are signs of this.

Where does your area of challenge lie?  Relationships, Effectiveness, Wellbeing or Quality of Life? Why would this be so?  If you haven’t taken the time to stop and do the internal work you will probably continue to do the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome.  Emotional Intelligence holds the key to transforming these areas into success.  Once we are aware we can learn to manage ourselves in ways that bring the change we seek in this world. 

If you are tired of simply surviving, engage and commit to developing your Emotional Intelligence. This skillset will change the way you live, love and lead. Being masterful, settled within so you can show up calm and relative to the situation is powerful as leader.  If you have not yet mastered this skillset you don't want to miss these 2 days of competency training. 

There are 8 powerful components in this skillset that you will learn in this 2 day intensive, interactive, engaging, reflective competency-building workshop.  


Benefits of attending...
  • Grow your EQ muscle
  • Re-wire your brain
  • Develop self-mastery
  • Lead from a place of authenticity
  • Shift the way you live, love and lead
  • Increase levels of effectiveness and build great relationships
  • Increase quality of life and wellbeing
  • Upskill for the 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Practicing critical self-awareness
  • Unlocking the 8 core competencies for maturity
  • The power of self-management
  • Recognising patterns that keep us self-sabotaging
  • The power to understand your emotions (thrive or survive)
  • The power of empathy
  • Applying cognitive flexibility
  • How to manage reactive tendencies
  • Engaging intrinsic motivation - "walking the talk"
  • Increasing purpose and direction
  • Finding your noble goal
Who should attend?
Developing your Emotional Intelligence lies at the core of managing complex and challenging environments wherever these might show up for you. Leading yourself and others with style and confidence. This is for Individuals, corporates, couples and teams.
More about our facilitator, Sharon Deal
Sharon Deal is passionate about people and individuals and sees them as unique with a purpose and destiny. Emotional Intelligence is her forte. She has a passion for individuals to live, love and lead from a place of authenticity, being real, being free to be who they are. After 25 years as a leader and owner in the corporate environment, she is effective in working with entrepreneurs, executives and their teams. Sharon engages individuals and organisations through educating, facilitating, coaching and training. Her areas of specialty are: personal transformation, life and business coaching, relationship coaching, leadership development, transforming culture and building TRUST teams and offers training, workshops, and retreats.
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Public Workshops
Cape Town Johannesburg
22 & 23 July 2020 29 & 30 July 2020
Everstdal Guest House, Melrose Plase Guest Lodge,
Durbanville Melrose

9am- 5pm (8:30am registration)

R6 600  excl. VAT  :  Corporates
R4 600  excl. VAT  :  NPOs

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In-house Workshops

Our recommendation is that this intervention should be run as part of your in-house management development curriculum at a venue and on a date that is convenient for you!

For more information about this cost-effective option, please contact Kym on 082 453 9393 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.