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Creating a Learning Organisation

If we want to transform leadership, we need to transform behaviour. The way we think, feel and behave are all a set of habits.

Your employees want to grow, grow, grow! Studies by Lighthouse, Deloitte and PWC all found that 2/3 people choose growth through training and development as their top employee benefit. Organisations need to be continuously learning to keep up with the current rate of change. The only way to do this is to foster a culture of learning within your organisation. This means leaders who constantly learn, develop more leaders and empower their teams to challenge the status quo in search of the best possible solutions. 

A learning organisation encourages personal mastery and cultivates open feedback to see problems and opportunities on all levels. Some argue that learning organisations attract and retain more talent. Others say that there is a competitive advantage for an organisation whose people learn faster than the people of other organisations.

"The only thing worse than training people and having them leave, is not training them and having them stay." - Zig Ziglar

At a learning organisation, education happens as a side-product of working together, as everybody learns from each other to adapt to whatever the future might bring.

6 characteristics most learning organisations have in common is, they...

  • Cherish an open culture
  • Design and implement feedback loops
  • Promote personal mastery
  • Plan for intelligent fast failure
  • Steal best practices
  • Cultivate a common vision

The World Economic forum is saying that the top 10 skills needed in business in 2020 include: cognitive flexibility, critical thinking, people management, emotional intelligence and the ability to coordinate with others, these are skills that can be learnt and cultivated through specific leadership behaviour.

Join us as we explore 5 core leadership habits that can create a learning organisation:

  • The importance of personal mastery and EQ habit formation
  • Systems thinking
  • How to develop learning teams
  • The importance of creating a truly shared vision
  • Awareness of bias, blind spots, mental models and the impact on decision making

Benefits of attending:

  • 5 practices to shift self, team and the organisation
  • Insight into thinking and behaviours that can transform the way, individuals and teams engage
  • How to develop adaptive teams that are responsive to a continuously changing context
  • Awareness of mind traps and how these limit thinking, decisions and cohesion within teams
  • Insights into habit formation
  • Awareness of ‘how you see’ and practices to shift this
  • Learning to unlearn
  • An opportunity to examine your thinking patterns

Who should attend?
Anyone who leads people and wants to transform the way they think, interact and engage. Leaders who want to cultivate a culture of learning, critical thinking and teams that are future-fit.

More about our facilitator, Jackie Kennedy

Jackie is a certified cultural transformation practitioner, Results coach and organisational development consultant with an honours degree in organisational psychology.  She is the lead business coach on the Investec Startup School Programme and the founder of ConsultUp, a consultancy that focuses on the alignment of culture, strategy and leadership for growing businesses.

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Public Workshops
Cape Town Johannesburg
22 May 2020 21 May 2020
Evertsdal Guest House, Melrose Place Guest Lodge,
Durbanville Melrose

9am- 5pm (8:30am registration)

R3 300  excl. VAT  :  Corporates
R2 300  excl. VAT  :  NPOs

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