Symphonia Flagship Workshops

Flawless Consulting

Our flagship workshop, Flawless Consulting, is presented by Louise van Rhyn, our lead facilitator for this world-renowned workshop. Louise has personally facilitated more than 100 Flawless Consulting workshops in South Africa!

Symphonia Leadership Development is the only organisation in South Africa that has been licensed to offer Flawless Consulting workshops that have been developed by Peter Block of Designed Learning.

In this two day Flawless Consulting workshop you will understand that being a true partner doesn’t just happen any more than quality just happens. It has to be learned. Valuing the relationship between you and your client or colleague, and defining how to manage that relationship is where Flawless Consulting has found the niche!

Participants learn how to develop long term relationships with colleagues and key stakeholders. Leaders become more conscious of the impact they have on others and subsequently on their own leadership style. It’s an opportunity to challenge thinking and engage differently as a leader.

This workshop is designed for individuals and teams in Human Resources, Training, Organisational Development, Information Systems, Finance, Purchasing, Safety, Engineering and anyone in a position of having influence without direct control in their role.

Time To Think

Another one of our flagship offerings is the Time To Think workshop with Maryse Barak.

The Thinking Environment is based on the chosen philosophical view that human beings are by nature good, intelligent, loving, powerful, multi-talented, emotional, assertive, able to think through anything, imaginative and logical. Behaviour to the contrary is seen as the result of assumptions generated over a lifetime by events, conditions and attitudes in a person’s life.

The quality of everything we do depends on the thinking we do first. In this one day workshop, you will learn how to develop an environment where people can do their best thinking, by learning about The Ten Components – a system that enables the Thinking Environment. You will practice dialogue, council process, practice in thinking pairs and learn how to transform your meetings.

Maryse is a corporate training/facilitation consultant and executive coach. Her practice is primarily directed towards transformation and leadership using Thinking Partnerships and other experiential methods to create learning environments that foster personal and collective change. She specialises in the field of organisational learning, leadership and diversity.

She works primarily with executive teams from large organisations (in South Africa and Europe) using the Time To Think processes for transforming meetings, mentoring and other business applications. She is a certified Time To Think consultant, coach and member of the global faculty. She coaches executives from a number of companies, and coaches intact teams on a regular basis.