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Breakfast Talk with Graham Williams - Cape Town

Psychologically Safe Workplaces to Applaud: “CLAP”. 

There are serious adverse consequences for organisations when employees shut up rather than speak up.

In a healthy environmnet where an employee's voice is raised and heard, good things happen.

- Fuller engagement,
- greater agility, resilience and commitment,
- and better performance results.

We invite you to join us for a breakfast talk with Graham Williams on how to create psychologically safe workplaces.

Humiliation, blame, criticism and bullying create workplaces where employees are filled with fear. Without psychological safety in the workplace, it’s hard for employees to be at their best. Studies show that psychological safety allows for moderate risk-taking, speaking your mind, creativity, and sticking your neck out without fear of having it cut off — just the types of behaviour that lead to market breakthroughs and best productivity and engagement.

Based on research findings and personal experience, during this session we explore "CLAP"...
  • Culture - creating a culture that regenerates instead of extracts from employees, where people see each other through, rather than see through each other
  • Leadership - with an outward mind-set, who demonstrate faith in their people and spread positive emotional contagion
  • Attributes - developing attributes such as having fun, being prosocial, decision-making that is not ethically bounded, supplanting diversity with belonging
  • Practices - that have embedded conversations characterised by nonviolent communication and leverage participation and ownership, peer-to-peer coaching
Graham Williams is a certified management consultant and excecutive coach, his key disciplines are psychology and behavioural economics. He has worked in more than 40 countries in various sectors. Graham has authored 10 business books, and the Chinese version of The Halo and the Noose will launched in China early in 2020. His purpose is to provide a platform for healing and growth of organisations and their members. In doing so, he uses a virtues-based approach and narrative and story applications.

Cape Town
Date:  16 July 2020
Time: 9am - 11am (registration 8:30am)
Venue: Everstdal Guest House, Durbanville
Investment: R550 excl. Vat

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