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Breakfast Talk with Emma El Karout - Johannesburg

The End of Work as We Know It... 

Infinite Possibilities and a New World of Work

We invite you to join us in celebration of International Women’s Month and learn about the exciting new world of work.  

If we, as women, are prepared to take the initiative to upskill and stay current, we will be making a significant and positive impact on South Africa in the up-coming decade.

The future of work today is essential for global leaders as they struggle with its very meaning and how to best prepare their organisations for a future that is increasingly hard to predict.

Advances in technology, coupled with significant changes in talent mix and required skill sets, requires not only a holistic overhaul of the organisation, but of the very definition of work itself.

Women who fully understand what’s coming, how to navigate this change and reskill themselves accordingly, will be leading South Africa, the world and the future.

During this session we will cover...

  • The death of full-time employment
  • Redefining work
  • The rise of the “platform economy” and its economic impact on women in South Africa
  • Collaboration platforms and the global network of talent
  • Impact on women in leadership today
  • Opportunities for women starting their career
  • How to prepare for the future of work

Emma El Karout is the founder of One Circle, an online platform connecting companies with freelance human resources experts, on-demand. Emma is particularly focussed on retaining experienced workers in the economy post-retirement. She formed One Circle in response to her own experiences of the limitations and restrictions inherent in the current consulting and employment models, as well as in anticipation of future work trends towards greater individualisation of career management. Her objective is to improve and enhance quality of life through diverse work options, thus uplifting broader society by opening up global work opportunities, regardless of gender,
Date:  6 March 2020
Time: 9am - 11am (registration 8:30am)
Venue: Melrose Place Guest House
Investment: R550 excl. Vat

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