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Breakfast with Fortune Gamanya - Cape Town

Ego, Authenticity and Leadership. 

Developing a healthy marriage between yourself and your EGO! – Becoming more of yourself in a way that is inspiring and passionate. The idea that ego and leadership are somehow linked is hardly new or astounding. Given the effort it takes most leaders to reach their positions, it is not surprising that ego plays a big part. However, while self-confidence is obviously critical for such roles - ego can get in the way.

Ego is important to building self-confidence and technical expertise but inflated ego does not belong in leadership or in team environments. Enlightened leaders – by their very nature - have low ego-energy. They serve and as servants they deliver incredible results through the efforts of their entire team. It’s not much of a stretch to understand that if heightened ego can damage the dynamics of a team, then leaders and team members with swollen egos can be damaging to their organisations.

Fortune will explore how the process of reflection can make us become aware of our ego and how that awareness allows us to flourish into our true selves.

Fortune will talk about what she calls the 3 levels of reflection:

  • Elevator Ride to the Penthouse
  • Glimpses of the Penthouse
  • Connecting the Dots

During this session we will cover…

  • What is an ego?
  • Acknowledgement of its presence
  • Identifying how your ego shows up
  • Understanding the ego continuum
  • Introduction to the Basement and the Penthouse
  • The continuous quest for the healthy cohabitation of myself and my ego
  • Practical exercises of creating a healthy cohabitation between the self and the ego – the never-ending journey 
Fortune Gamanya is the founder and chief luminary of Luminary Advisory & Consulting. She is a strategy; lean management; leadership; change and team development facilitator and a member of the Duke Corporate Education Global educator network. She teaches lean thinking on executive education programmes at UCT GSB ExecEd and was the former programme director of the Lean Leadership Program at UCT GSB. Fortune is interested in leadership practices that create organisations that are fit for human beings, which is the title of her dissertation. She is an accredited balanced scorecard professional (Balanced Scorecard Institute in conjunction with the George Washington University).
Cape Town
Date: 13 Junel 2019
Time: 09:00 - 11:00 (registration 08:30)
Venue: Evertsdal Guest House, Eversdal, Durbanville
Investment: R515 excl. Vat

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