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Breakfast with Mariheca Otto - Cape Town

Get the stats to do the talking. 

Motivating the business case for culture changing initiatives.

Often in business we are put in a position where it is critical to get the buy-in and support from our colleagues on ideas or initiatives that will change the way we work - that will change our business culture. In spite of everything that has been written or said about the value of organisational culture, often it is put lower on the priority list.

In this session we will tackle this often patronising mindset with some practical proven principles, such as:

  • “When you can measure it, you can manage it” - how to apply this thinking to convince colleagues to Support behaviour changing ideas;
  • How to let the ‘soft’ issues become the key business strategy drivers - linking leadership and business values to strategic objectives;
  • What to expect during culture change processes, and how to minimise the pain.

During this session...

  • The above theories and thinking will be shared in a very practical way;
  • Various case studies will be shared where culture change supported strategic objectives as mentioned above; and
  • Practical tips and ideas will be shared.
Mariheca Otto founded Motto Business Consulting in 2005 who consults in organisational development and internal marketing for various clients. She completed a B.Com (Hons: industrial psychology and sociology), HED, M.Com and PhD in business management at the North-West University. With almost 20 years of lecturing, training and facilitation experience Mariheca is seen as the leader in her field (internal marketing) due to her ground-breaking work, and is currently completing a related book which will be available this year. Her research is not only featured in academic publications, but also in newspapers and lifestyle magazines, and her papers have been delivered at both national and international conferences.
Cape Town
Date:  29 May 2019
Time: 09:00 - 11:00 (registration 08:30)
Venue: Evertsdal Guest House, Eversdal, Durbanville
Investment: R490 excl. Vat

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