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Breakfast with Nicole Wills - Johannesburg

Make the best of Corporate and Entrepreneurial Cultures. 

By growing a culture of entrepreneurial thinking and taking the best of the corporate structure - we can find the best solutions to productivity, profitability and purpose.

Having been an entrepreneur for the past 12 years, and having worked primarily with corporate clients, Nicole shares with us her learning and observations on the core differences in the behaviours of the entrepreneur as it compares to that of the corporate environment.

In the context of the 4th Industrial Revolution and the exponential rate at which business models are having to adapt to avoid extinction, she is of the view that future competitive advantage will only come from the quality and growth of human capital.

We will discuss..

  • How corporate culture affects company competitiveness and profitability
  • Company purpose, people purpose and its impact on profitability
  • Customer Centricity - customer experience is the new imperative
  • Learning from the best in the world
  • Unlearn. Unlearn. Unlearn
  • How to implement sustainably
Nicole Wills has spent over 20 something years in advertising and marketing, 11 of which were owning and running her own agency. She has a particular interest in business growth and leadership. She firmly believes that by helping to grow entrepreneurial culture and to sustainably infuse this approach into corporate environments, will help to create more employment opportunities and grow the economy. In 2017, Nicole co-founded The Black Swan Theory Company, a company which provides customer experience solutions with a view to entrenching customer lifetime value in service industries.
Date:  6 June 2019
Time: 09:00 - 11:00 (registration 08:30)
Venue: African Pride Melrose Arch Hotel, Johannesburg
Investment: R490 excl. Vat

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