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Breakfast with Ntsiki Lelo Ncoco - Cape Town

Power to Lead with Integrity. 

Ntsiki firmly believes that, a great legacy relies on a maximised leadership potential, that is executed with a maintained integrity at all levels.

Leaders can lift or break the workplace and a country. We are in a critical era that needs growth from transactional leadership to a transformational, fruitful and true modelling by great leaders of integrity. Leaders might have the power to lead, but the key issue on leadership is the maintained and sustained power of integrity to leave a legacy.

In this two hour breakfast session we will discuss…

  • Transformation on key values and principles of a great leadership
  • Sustaining power within a leader of integrity to stand out and serve longer
  • Key areas of leadership that will advance positive growth in the workplace and the country
  • What current true leaders can do, to enhance grooming young leaders of integrity
  • What kind of leaders we need in the workplace, to drive the transformational strategies to achieve the vision
  • Identify leaders that we need in the governance of the country, that will serve the nation according to their oath
Ntsiki Lelo Ncoco is the CEO and founder of Key Executives Global Consultancy, focusing on human resources solutions, leadership training and development, commodity trading and business linkages projects. She is a personal development and leadership professional speaker. Ntsiki has been a guest on various radio and television stations and was nominated as one of SA’s Most Inspirational Women in the Volume 2 book, “Women in Leadership” by African Innovations. She is a strong believer in leadership with integrity and leaving a legacy.
Cape Town
Date:  17 April 2019
Time: 09:00 - 11:00 (registration 08:30)
Venue: Cassia, Nitida Wine Farm, Durbanville
Investment: R490 excl. Vat

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