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Breakfast with Charlotte Kemp Mulvey - Johannesburg

Futures Thinking and Strategic Foresight. 

It sounds like a mouthful, and daunting, and something that someone with a PhD does. But what if I told you that you do this naturally, every day.

You look at events, project them into the future, imagine a scenario or two, and then take necessary action. You are already a natural futurist. But you can be better at it. There are models and skills to consider that you can incorporate into your career, your leadership, your organisation and even your family life that will make you be more prepared, more adaptable and more successful in the future.

The benefits of using a strategic foresight framework for your decisions is…
  • You can identify opportunities for innovation.
  • You can make sure you have the right people on your teams.
  • You can weave your business around costly obstacles and land on profitable opportunities.
In this two hour breakfast session we will discuss…
  • Why this skill is so vital and why without it, failure will be inevitable.
  • How to develop a futures thinking mindset and how to apply it naturally to all your decisions.
  • How to scale this up as a necessary, so that it becomes an integral part of your organisation.

You will leave with a few models and many insights that you can apply immediately to your next leadership decision.


One lucky attendee stands the chance to
win a copy of Charlotte’s book!


Charlotte Kemp Mulvey is an author, futurist and a professional speaker. She works with teams to help them navigate the future and overcome hurdles to take advantage of the great shifts of our lifetime. She is completing a book called “Why the Future – long term views of short term problems”. Her research has lead her to the field of futures studies which for which she has started studying a post graduate diploma at Stellenbosch Business School.

Date:  5 April 2019
Time: 09:00 - 11:00 (registration 08:30)
Venue: Melrose Place Guest House, Johannesburg
Investment: R490 excl. Vat

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