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New Transformational Leadership Development Introductory Session for 2017

Harnessing diversity for profitability, growth and accelerating competitive advantage.

Many organisations are focusing on transformational leadership as a way to improve their culture and overall employee wellness, and provide a better thinking and productive environment for staff. 
“The best thing any of us have to bring to leadership is our own transforming selves.”
– Ruth Haley Barton
The aim of this introductory session is to introduce companies how to use and positively harness their diversity as an advantage. In today’s corporate world there is a melting pot of diverse cultures, races and ethnicities and organisations need to learn how to use this to their advantage. Most companies know they need to implement this but lack the practical skills to do so. By introducing this material in any organisation they can create a collaborative environment for all. It has been proven when companies proactively address and integrate their dynamic cultures they are more successful in the long run.
What makes this methodology different?
  • Intentional based implementation
  • Contextual to the cultural diversity in Africa
  • Challenging the status quo
  • Disruptive to stereotype mind-sets and ways of thinking
  • Strategic outcomes
  • Collaborative focused
In the two hour introductory session, Patrick will introduce and discuss the impact both historically and today, of the systems of slavery, colonialism and apartheid and how this has created differences in thinking, feeling and behaviour amongst peoples.  The intention is to give participants a very high level grasp on the origins of the existing racial prejudices and why do they continue to grow and how to change that path’s trajectory. This taster will be followed by a public workshop whereby Patrick will ensure that processes are very experientially focused, provocative and discussion-based. The intention is to really equip and empower every participant with practical understanding and tools.
Patrick Kuwana, the guru behind Transformational Leadership hails from Zimbabwe and is the CEO at Crossover Transformation. He is very passionate about transformational leadership and can help any organisation become even better.  Patrick recommends anyone involved in learning and development or change and growth strategy should attend .
For more information about this introductory session please click here.