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We are celebrating Flawless Consulting!

So far 4 000+ PARTICIPANTS, 325+ WORKSHOPS FROM 23 COUNTRIES who have participated in and benefitted from FLAWLESS CONSULTING training through us!

That means over 4000 people have acquired the leadership and influencing skills necessary to partner with their clients at a meaningful and strategic level and make a difference in their organisations.

We are delighted that the recognition of the power of Flawless Consulting has grown over the years and that in many organisations, it is now seen as the de facto process for consultants or anyone in a position that requires them to be able to partner with and influence their clients and stakeholders.
Our first public workshops for 2018 was sold out, and we are constantly processing bookings for the first quarter of  2018, around the country. 
Symphonia Leadership Development (SLD) is proud to be the only organisation in South Africa with the rights to offer this world renowned workshop, designed by Peter Block.  SLD CEO and Founder, Dr Louise van Rhyn, has herself, facilitated more than 147 sessions.  SLD has a strong relationship with our Associates who also provide facilitation of Flawless Consulting workshops – both in a public environment, and of course, in the on-site inhouse environment.
With feedback like the following, we are confident that we are on-track to continue with this great work: 
  • "Flawless Consulting is without a doubt the best programme I have been on in recent years."
  • "This excellent workshop provides the tools to improve relationships with clients from the outset."

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