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Flawless Consulting 2: Discovery and Feedback - Johannesburg (2-Day Workshop)

Flawless Consulting 2: Discovery and Feedback (2-Day Workshop)
Next Date
2020-09-03 00:30
Melrose Place Guest House, 12A North Street, Melrose, Johannesburg
021 913 3507
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   Investment   R9 200 excl. VAT :  Corporates
    R5 500 excl. VAT :  NPOs

This world-renowned 2-day workshop shows you how to develop feedback and decision support skills that increase your ability to have a strong, positive impact on your client's business results. You will learn how to provide real feedback, feedback in ways that builds the relationship, builds trust and advocates clients own self-discovery and self-sufficiency.

This workshop is highly interactive. You will become deeply immersed in the material through interactive simulations with one or two other attendees. The workshop also includes written exercises to apply key concepts to your own unique situation. You will have the opportunity to experience a full feedback meeting. In addition, you will work as part of an actual consulting team to practice contracting meetings, data collection interviews and feedback meetings. Brief lectures are used to present initial key concepts.

(Flawless Consulting 1: Contracting is a prerequisite for Flawless Consulting 2: Discovery and Feedback)


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